Some people think testimonials are more credible than ad copy. We’re good with that.

“Your strategic thinking, creative ideas, and design/build talents made this project happen. You are the most dedicated partners one could ask for and you get extra points for over-delivering. There is no other group we would rather work with — it’s as simple as that.”
“Thanks for your creative, persistent, quality efforts in getting this Boeing web-based learning experience developed and launched.
I hope you feel as proud as we do.”
“Palazzo Creative is amazing. We have worked together on a number of high-value
projects – all with stellar results.”
“We had our best sales year ever – in a down economy! I know the work Palazzo did had an important role in the increase.”
“Palazzo Creative is an exceptional firm. They are very responsive and pro-active, and they offer outstanding creative skills that will be of real benefit to your company. I encourage you to seriously consider them for your branding, video, digital, print or event needs.”
“Working with Palazzo has been a rewarding experience. The Palazzo team was deeply involved and their creative expertise squarely hit the mark for creating a brand identity that will help us continue to grow.”
“We love the new website – it’s building real momentum for us and we’re adding new content regularly. Thanks so much!”
“The European conference you produced was
a huge success. You’ve set a standard for
live events that will be hard to maintain,
let alone beat. You have a really great team who went out of their way to make sure
no detail was missed.”
“We are all excited to get in front of our customers. You guys did a great job meeting our very aggressive timeline and we appreciate your patience with a rather “demanding” client! Thanks again for an awesome job.”
“We asked Palazzo to help build awareness
of the Blood Center as more than a blood bank. What you have done is build a powerful brand that has become a model for blood centers around the world!”
“We are delighted! The sales conference
you produced exceeded our expectations
again and again!”
“Thank you – the response has been extremely positive. We look forward to working
with you on future projects.”
“We are fortunate to have found you — lots of talent in that office you call Palazzo. We should talk about continuing our partnership. It was the best work ever.”
“Your website services team is outstanding…
I feel safe – we should turn over Homeland Security to Palazzo!”
“It’s always a pleasure working with you. I believe that the awareness campaign that Palazzo designed and carried out for the Blood Center was very effective and was most helpful in furthering our outreach to the community.”
“The presentation was a knockout! People loved the work — they’re very excited
about it — great news!”
“Thank you! You all did a marvelous job — not only technically but from a personal standpoint. Very professional, detail oriented, deadline focused, and easy to work with come to mind. We all enjoyed the experience.”
“I love the new videos on the Washington Wine Commission website. They are well-produced and informative, and I think Palazzo’s social media platform is one of the most exciting things about the website to happen in a while…I’m looking forward to seeing more!”
“Palazzo’s ability to create awareness campaigns that motivate people to behavioral change is impressive. They have deep experience recruiting individuals for a variety
of issues, and they have a unique process
for doing so. Their strategic approach addresses the needs of multiple stakeholders, each with a unique agenda, and brings them together with a unified vision.”
“Like giving birth, the branding process can sometimes be painful. But our baby was
easy, and turned out to be beautiful.
Thanks to all of you.”
“After long hours and hard work, we shipped our project on schedule, thanks to Palazzo Creative. We’ll be in touch soon for more great technology marketing work.”
“You guys are doing a great job. The style, look, and feel of the ad campaign is engaging and very effective.”
“Palazzo valued our agency’s input throughout our collaboration. Their creative approach very effectively met our needs, engaging our audience and creating the right balance. Palazzo met the production timeline and even came in under budget.”
“Awesome job – our folks are really excited with the results of the naming process!
You did a great job of meeting our
demanding timeline and we’re excited
to get in front of our customers.”
“I can’t thank Palazzo Creative enough
for the hard work on our website.
We are so proud of it!”
“We are impressed by Palazzo’s knowledge
of our industry and business. You did a
great job creating impactful and useful communications for our important
audiences that is consistent with our
corporate identity and marketing strategy.”
“The event and videos were such a success they’ll have quite high expectations next year. It was a pleasure to work with you. It is good to know we have a trusted resource to go to.”
“Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked with a lot of very good agencies. None of them were able to combine creativity and business sense as well as Palazzo. That is rare!”
“I just wanted to share a bit of good news.
I gave an industry analyst a sneak peak.
He LOVED it. He asked who did it,
and I plugged Palazzo like nobody’s business…! So there you have it.
A happy customer even happier today.”
“The level of creative and quality of design Palazzo has provided are superb! Furthermore, I could never have gotten that amount of service anywhere else. Response from clients has been fantastic!”