In our last post we focused on “inside” communications, but we also work hard to identify the most powerful “outside” brand messaging strategy. We know from experience that a strong brand strategy must meet these four key criteria: it must be unique or distinctive; it must be relevant to their rational and emotional needs; it must be believable; and, it must be true.

If your brand strategy falls short on any of these key elements, you risk over-promising on what you can deliver. And if the reality of what you deliver is not consistent with the expectations created by your message strategy, you lose that customer.

At Palazzo Creative we developed a tool called the Brand Values MatrixTM which helps us examine and articulate all of the possible strategies we believe are part of a client company’s core values. Then we work with our clients to agree on the strategy that offers the greatest potential to meet their business objectives. After we’ve identified that optimum strategy, we are diligent in making sure that every communication has a consistent voice, tonality, and brand promise. Every point of customer contact contributes to the brand, either in a positive way or a negative way. So we examine every possible communication opportunity to make sure it says what we intend it to say.

Developing the right brand strategy is hard work, but it pays off in the long run. We know that “inside-out branding” is a better way to take advantage of your brand promise. We see it working in the marketplace for our clients. Every day.