The total corporate identity (logo, color, typeface, and other identifying graphic material) is a major component of your brand. So is the marketing strategy, the public relations, the pricing and distribution strategy – every customer interaction, whether it’s in person or via the web, print, or broadcast media. It’s how staff answers the phone, how easy the website is to navigate, what message the packaging sends, the tone of the copywriting, and even, in the case of a retailer, how the store looks and where it is located. It’s the sum total of any and every experience people have with the company.

Some marketers make the mistake of trying to be something they aren’t. They study consumer needs, attitudes and wants, then promise to deliver something, whether they can or not. How many commercials have you seen for restaurant franchises that promise friendly, personal service, only to be greeted by rude, gum-chewing local wait staff that barely graces your table to take a drink order?

At Palazzo Creative, we help our clients avoid these kinds of branding errors by taking an integrated approach to the challenge of brand building. We consider the whole company and its complete system for relating with customers and delivering goods or services, rather than dissecting and analyzing the parts of its sum. We call our approach “inside-out branding,” and we think it’s a better way to build a brand.